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Shakespeare in the Cannery

This unique and very special experience has been made possible by donations and sponsorships that the community has offered.  This production will be our fifth and final season; together we will conclude the Shakespeare in the Cannery saga with a rousing finale.  Help us bring this comedic and moving story to life by becoming a sponsor!


Thank you for your contribution

Thank you for supporting this community cultural arts project!

Monetary Contribution - Sponsorship 

Please write checks payable to the Arlene Francis Foundation

Note: Shakespeare in the Cannery

 The Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics

99 Sixth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

To make your Contribution Online - Click the Button Below

Santa Rosa Cannery LLC

Beyers Costin Simon

Alchemia Choir

Diversified Stage

Sixth Street Playhouse


Second Octave Media

Main Stage West

Green Mary

Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Clean Power.jpg

Second Octave Media

Happening in Sonoma County

Larsen Auto Care


Hook and Ladder Winery

Kokomo Winery

Community Market

Wild Flour Bakery

Red Bay Coffee


A Sincere Thank You to Our Community Sponsors

A Sincere Thank You to Our Community Donors

Christopher and Hilary Costin

John Stewart

Jerry and Jane Baldwin

John Mackie and Kate Ecker

John Browning

The Estate of Tom Oleari

Art Streiber and Glynis Costin

Clayton and Kim Clement

Andrew and Caitlin Brown

Betsy Hall and Gene Wright

Corisa Aaronson

Lieba Faier

Naomi Richman

Tracy Hinman

John Mutz

Duggan Peak

John Brodt

Anthony Abate

Albert Casselhoff

Alan Kaplan

Kiana Anderson

Josh Windmiller

Larry Poole

Tyler McCourtney

The NUEVA Students

The Cannery Boys

Doug, Lance, Tim

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